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How can I contact the EURAXESS Centre in Aragón?

Are there any similar helpdesks in another european country?

Yes, there are more than two hundred EURAXESS Centres throughout 35 european countries. In the following website you can easily find their contact details by clicking in the map the country you´re interested in.

I can hardly speak spanish, would it be a problem?

The information and assistance are available in spanish, english and french.

I´m interested in looking for a job, can you help me?

You´ll be able to find all dued information: job vacancies. The EURAXESS webpage offers several options:

I´m a EUROPEAN CITIZEN, as far as I know, I don´t need any kind of visa to work in Spain. Do I?

No you don´t. The free circulation of workers guarantees the right to work in any Member State. If your stay in our country will last more than 3 months, you should only register in the " Registro Central de Extranjeros".

If you´re going to work in the University of Zaragoza as a scholarship holder, you don´t need to comply with any other requirement. However, if you will sign a labour contract, you should have applied for the homologation of your University degree.

Before moving abroad, we would like to suggest you to apply in your country for the European Health Card.

I´m NOT a EUROPEAN CITIZEN, what kind of requirements should I comply with?

  • If you are a SCHOLARSHIP - GRANT beneficiary, you need to apply for a STUDENT VISA at the nearest Spanish Consulate

Can my family travel with me?

  • If you are a european citizen, your family can travel with you to any other Member State.
  • If neither you nor your family are european citizens, you may need to submit one visa application per passport, being the visas of your family and their duration, linked to yours.