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Social Security

Overall view of the Spanish Healthcare System and Social Security, provided by the Spanish EURAXESS Network. The Secretariat of State for Social Security guarantees the right to access medical assistance in Spain.

List of the MEDICAL CENTERS in Aragón


  • European researchers coming to Spain temporary

Citizens from EU Member States, European Economic Area and Switzerland coming to Spain temporary, either as beneficiaries of a fellowship or to attend a congress, may need to apply for the EHC in their origin countries: Social Security offices in Europe and EURAXESS Service Centers in Europe. This card would guarantee their access to all dued medical assistance during their temporary stay in Spain.

In case you were signatory of a labour contract with an spanish institution, you would automatically obtain a Spanish Health Card, not being necessary the European Health Card..

  • Foreign workers in Spain visiting another european country

If you´re currently working in Spain with a labour contract, no matter your nationality, and plan to visit another european country without signing there a labour contract, being a temporary stay, you may need to apply and obtain in Spain before your travel, a European Health Card. You can apply for it in any of the following offices in Huesca, Teruel and Zaragoza.




Overall view of the Spanish Tax System provided by the Spanish EURAXESS Network . Please visit the Spanish Tax Agency to obtain updated information, and click here to find the location of the Tax offices in Aragon:

Double Taxation Agreements

IRNR (Non-resident Income Tax)

IRPF (Resident Income Tax)

Attached you can find a useful guide: Taxation of non-residents in Spain